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將 MSSqlServer 的整個資料結構編成一個Table (0 人正在瀏覽) 
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主題: 將 MSSqlServer 的整個資料結構編成一個Table
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將 MSSqlServer 的整個資料結構編成一個Table 10 年, 10 個月 之前 聲譽: 0  
不過要留意的是:資料庫內不可以有名為 DBDescript 的 Table.

drop table DBDescript;

select TB.[name] as TableName,FD.[name] as FieldName,Type.[name] as Type,FD.length,null as memo
into DBDescript
from syscolumns FD
left join sysobjects TB on
left join systypes Type on Type.xtype=FD.xtype
where TB.xtype’s’
order by TB.[name],FD.[name];

drop table DBPrimaryKey;

select TB.[name] as TableName,PK.[name] as PKName,COL.[name] as ColumnName
into DBPrimaryKey
from sysobjects TB
left join sysobjects PK on PK.xtype=’PK’ and
left join sysindexkeys IND on
left join syscolumns COL on and IND.colid=COL.colid
where TB.xtype=’U';
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